Why the Rural Health Sector Provides Opportunities for Every Health Professional – No Matter the Stage your Career is in

Healthy patient. Radiant medical worker looking into vacancy and grinning widely while standing with a stethoscope and listening to a patients heart beating.

Are you a health professional who’s been in the industry for a number of years?

You may not be new to how things work, but are you aware of all the career paths you could still explore?

In a previous blog, I outlined that no matter where you’re based, the “art and science” of health stays the same.

Likewise, no matter what stage of your career you’re in, the rural health sector offers opportunity and potential for all health professionals

Jeanie understands modern workforce expectations and helps health professionals understand the benefits of spending a part of their career in a rural location.

Sometimes, working in the rural health sector is a “steppingstone” to something else, and that’s okay. Sometimes its for a period of time, like when you are raising a family. And sometimes health professionals simply love rural and decide to stay longer.

No matter what your reason, spending some time rural is a great idea for:

  • Career progression
  • More future job opportunities
  • Business ownership
  • Skills Development
  • Travel
  • Family/Lifestyle changes

We believe rural communities deserve equitable care to those in metropolitan areas. As a health professional, your ability to integrate into the community and build closer relationships with teams and patients increases the longer you choose to stay rural.

The reality for many however, is that staying anywhere now for 10-20 years is less likely – life gets in the way and multiple shifts in a career to accommodate family, study or travel is now the norm!

You can still add value by delivering quality healthcare even if for a few months. There is much satisfaction to be gained knowing you are contributing to better healthcare outcomes in rural communities, let alone the opportunities for personal and professional growth.

If you’re curious about making the shift to working rural, Jeanie is for you. We run workshops with a broad range of people across the healthcare sector to help taking the first steps in making this change from metropolitan to rural life.

Are the logistics and not knowing where to start putting you off from moving rural? That’s why Jeanie is here – all you need to do is say yes!

We’d love to chat – get in touch today: info@jeanie.global

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