Three Ways Telehealth can Benefit Rural Areas and set them up for Success

Shot of female doctor waving and talking with colleagues through a video call with a laptop in the consultation.

As the world shifts more into a contactless society, it’s important for the regional health sector to follow suit – and the good news is we already have the roots.

Tele-health is becoming increasingly popular across the country, and it can benefit rural areas in more ways than one.

With communities often already set up to use tele-health and online services, what we need now is the practical means of making these services more available and useful to those who need it.

In this article, Jeanie explores each of these benefits and why they’re important, as well as a way that we can help you use telehealth in your industry.

Cutting down on travel time

At the end of the day, nothing beats that face-to-face appointment… however there is nothing more frustrating than a three-hour round-trip to find that nothing can be done, or that the next appointment you need is not for another two weeks.

What if tele-health could enable you to tap into professional health advice from home (or your closest town) so that when you made a trip to the health provider it was for the care you need?

This decrease in travel not only saves on resources and precious time, but also takes off the mental strain of travelling so far every time you need an appointment.

Working with restrictions rather than against them

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that distance isn’t the only restriction!

During the pandemic, many health professionals have found themselves restricted by National Guidelines to providing minimal treatment for patients in a range of health issues.

This has created swift development in what is possible for practitioners and enabled us to try tele-health in a way that rural areas could have benefited from 10 years ago.

Rather than feeling frustrated with such restrictions, COVID has taught us to embrace these changes as the ‘new normal’ – a switch that largely benefits the rural industry.

Receive results and take action faster

Telehealth-connected specialists can communicate directly with patients and local care providers, allowing for real-time updates on medical conditions.

This means the system is already in place to receive your results at home rather than travel those three hours to get the (hopefully) all clear.

Appointments are made easy and it takes the (literal) leg work out of receiving results and taking the next steps needed. You’re only travelling when it’s absolutely necessary.

At the end of the day, we aspire to have rural communities view tele-health initiatives as the new normal. More times than not, they’re enough for certain areas of the health sector for rural areas, leaving travel for non-optional times rather than every time

If you’re curious about how tele-health can benefit your area or industry, contact us at to learn more.

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