How the Rural Health Sector Can Provide Unique Opportunities for Your Career

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There is good reason to believe that working as a health professional in rural Australia is a smart career move. The “shift” to rural doesn’t have to be permanent, and for many the benefits of even a few months in a rural area are significant.

Discussion about going “rural” is nothing new and while some health professionals – especially graduates – can find it a daunting prospect, the upside should not be ignored.

Often, people don’t know where to start to find out more about the rural health sector and that’s why we help people understand the upside and how to access it.

Jeanie runs workshops with undergraduate students that provide effective and practical tools to help make a transition to the rural healthcare sector.

“The rural networking workshops held by Dr Cindy Dennis were eye-opening,” says Michael from the University of Adelaide, BDS3.

“Coming from zero experience of what rural means, these sessions challenged my assumptions and I realised that rural life and metropolitan life are more similar than I thought!

“It made me realise how important it is to start making those professional connections now while we are in dental school to help us in the future – whether it be for advice when we are stuck on a case, or if we need guidance for finding jobs.

“I highly recommend this workshop series to those who don’t know anything about rural because you might be surprised that rural dentistry could be a potential career choice for you.”

Ultimately, no matter where you are, the “art and science” of health stays the same.

The beauty of working in the health sector is that you can build clinical competency while exploring other areas aligned to your purpose in life. Jeanie’s workshops help you define your vision, purpose, priorities and goals to pave a career in the industry you’re passionate about!

Making the shift to work remotely has never been more important to explore what’s possible in your career while providing priority groups in Australia with equitable access to healthcare services.

It can be hard to know where to start or who to ask those questions about rural career opportunities.

That’s why Jeanie is here.

Not only do we talk the talk, but we walk the walk – our team is originally from regional Australia and has extensive experience in the rural health sector that can help you make this change.

If you’re looking to open doors and explore different avenues in your career that helps the communities who need it most, Jeanie can help you get there.

We’d love to chat – get in touch today:

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