Embracing Change in the Rural Health Sector

Woman walking along a dirt road of vast open spaces in outback NSW Australia Windmill sits in a waterless landscape

When change is adopted, it’s often with hesitance. If something’s working, why fix it?

Simple: nothing stays the same, and change on a broader scale will eventually happen – no matter what industry you’re in.

It’s no secret the workforce is lacking in the Australian rural health sector, in turn hindering the communities, businesses and individuals who are in dire need of regular and consistent medical attention – just like the town folk!

The rural health sector needs to embrace new thinking and solutions in order to keep up with the times. It needs to plan ahead, stay ahead, and keep its (figurative) eyes on the future.

But how do we do this with a system that’s inherently fixed in its ways?

At the base of everything, we can’t expect to do the same thing and hope for different outcomes.

Instead of being afraid of new ideas, we embrace them.

Instead of running from innovative technology (though it may seem a little scary!), we learn and adapt to its efficient practices.

Instead of pushing our children to stay in the city after studying, we encourage them to practice medicine back in their local towns.

We collaborate, we brainstorm, we plan for a stronger future ahead.

We need to look at the individual problems in rural and remote healthcare and find solutions for these problems.

Jeanie is passionate about helping health professionals choosing to stay in rural areas. We want to provide opportunities for the up-and-coming health professionals who are currently looking at options after university.

We are currently seeking interest in intensive workshops designed to educate health professionals on rural and remote practicing and how to successfully enter into this industry.

If you’re looking for a health professional to join your local community, we’d love to chat – get in touch today: info@jeanie.global

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